About Us

ProActivate Ireland is a non-profit NGO formed in order to promote community development by engaging in projects in the areas of youth, unemployment activation, health promotion and active ageing, and cultural understanding. They work closely with members of other non profits, charities and youth organisations in order to provide quality programmes, training and resources through their projects and other activities. They have established links with a number of national agencies as well as NGOs throughout Ireland and Europe that they use to promote their projects and reach target groups.

ProActivate’s focus is on establishing networks of professionals and specialists in order to develop new and effective ways to expand their expertise and scope and foster creative collaboration, European partnerships, and exchange of best practice across different sectors.

The staff at ProActivate are experienced EU project managers and coordinators and have participated in a number of projects related to their key focus areas:

·         Green Light for Youth, where ProActivate acted as an international expert to partners in Poland in the field of the motivation and empowerment of unemployed youth;

·         WHOLE: Wellbeing and Healthy Choices for Older Adults and their Carers started in 2015 and is a large scale senior health promotion project that is being carried out in partnership with six international expert partners. ProActivate managed the Needs Analysis Output of this project and are contributing towards the development of a course for carers, a business model, an elearning platform as well as management, dissemination and sustainability activities.

·         Active I, Healthy Active Living for Seniors, a project which developed a unique training course for people aged 50+ in Ireland to encourage healthy exercise, nutrition and mental wellbeing.

·         Closer to the Nature, a Grundtvig Learning Partnership, which was aimed at involving seniors in issues of environmental concern.

·         Young Poverty, where young people and youth workers from five countries took part in a conference in Berlin that dealt with topics such as education, the social environment, active citizenship, health, personal development and the labour market;

·         Youth Ice Breaker was a project to promote young people’s entrepreneurial skills, motivation and a proactive attitude to the job market.

·         DARE: Dating Abuse – Raising Awareness and Education was a small scale local project funded it through the Women’s Fund of Ireland based on local needs identified within their community through the publication of a report from researchers at the National University of Ireland Galway on alarming the levels of sexual assault experienced by students. Through the project, they ran an awareness campaign and developed a Guide to Dating Abuse, Consent, and Digital Harassmentin collaboration with the researchers from NUIG and with local student unions, COPE Galway’s Domesitic Violence servive, Galway Rape Crisis Centre and other local youth groups and organisations.

·         Activate Inactive, a project which shares best practice in specific areas of motivation, encouragement and re-training of unemployed people, and also seeks to establish a dialog between social workers and job market representatives. The purpose of this project is to improve the qualifications and knowledge of social workers and trainers who work with long-term unemployed people and to build an international network of experts.

They have recently started exchange of best practice projects in course creation in relation to childcare (Childcare 50+) and innovative new methodologies for educating at primary school level (InEdu).

ProActivate also provide KA1 and other training activities in a number of areas including health promotion, project management, motivation, and business skills. They are invested in the long term impact of their projects and finding new ways to exploit their products, networks and partnerships to facilitate greater community development.