To register for this Seminar, book your Eventbrite ticket AND email the completed registration form (click HERE to download form) to info@proactivate.ie

WHAT IS IT? ProActivate Ireland in association with Cell EXPLORERS of NUI Galway are organising a day of presentations and discussion about innovative methods of engaging children in science education.

Educators engaging children in science, whether they are teachers or outreach providers, are invited to join the discussion and share their techniques and tips with a panel of like minded professional.

AIM OF THE DAY: The seminar will focus on discussing a number of key areas in science outreach and education, including social inclusion; the promotion of critical thinking, experimentation, and innovation; incorporating technology into the classroom; bringing together arts, creativity and science; and demonstrating different lines of scientific enquiry.


To register, visit our Eventbrite page. 

A limited number of presentation/demonstration slots are kept for participants. If you have a science-based initiative that you would like to either present (morning session – download programme here) or demonstrate (afternoon session – download programme here) please apply using the registration form (click HERE to download the form) AND EMAIL IT to info@proactivate.ie). Participants will be informed of their selection by the 20th of April. Deadline for applications is the 18th of April. 


You can download the full programme by clicking HERE

VENUE: The Institute for Lifecourse and Society, NUI Galway

For directions to the venue click HERE or type this URL into your search bar: http://www.nuigalway.ie/cdlp/documents/Directions%20to%20the%20ILAS%20Building.pdf


The InEdu Project aims to promote active learning based on observation, experimentation and the scientific method and develop teaching methods and tools to support primary school teachers prepare and conduct more fascinating lessons that will stimulate children’s natural curiosity. To achieve this, the project will invite teachers and science educators to exchange best practice so that they can develop their skills and will create innovative lesson kits based on the experience gained during the project.

The project involves 4 partners:

The Children’s University Foundation, Krakow, Poland (coordinators): Award winning organization that has been running original, advanced educational programmes based on children’s curiosity since 2007.  Academics, artists and entrepreneurs collaborate to develop children’s natural curiosity, and their intellectual and creative potential so that they can understand the world they live in and be equipped to act more effectively in it. Throughout Poland, the Children’s University Foundation brings together approx. than 7000 students, 4500 teachers, 500 experts and over 300 volunteers every year

The Vienna University Children’s Office: Key objective is to develop and administer science communication activities and projects for children and young people, to promote those activities among universities and other authorities and to establish networks of institutions active in this field. They aim to counteract a falling interest in science and research among the young, promote a positive attitude towards scientific careers at the earliest stage possible and help to overcome stereotyped notions with a special focus on social inclusion and those groups who are underrepresented in formal and informal education.

The University of Bedfordshire, Department of Teacher Education: One of the top 20 UK Initial Teacher Training Establishments (ITTE), it trains teachers for the Primary, Secondary and Post Compulsory Phase. The Department has specific expertise in the primary sector in the delivery of mathematics, science, literacy, and using IT to enhance pupil learning.

ProActivate Ireland:Galway-based non-profit NGO that participates in projects, mainly at an EU level, in the field of education, unemployment activation, youth, and language learning. They work towards modernizing our educational systems as a foundational requirement to better engaging youth and preventing future unemployment through a focus on holistic education, ICT learning, and increasing participation and access to lifelong learning.

Cell EXPLORERS, Associated partner.

The Cell EXPLORERS programme (www.cellexplorers.com):  Irish education and public engagement programme that aims to inform, inspire and involve young people in hands on science activities. The programme is establishing a unique model of sustainable public engagement for Higher Education Institution, which has the dual benefit of engaging children in local schools and communities whilst facilitating the training of tomorrow’s science communicators. In 2015-2016 alone it involved over 160 volunteers who engaged more than 6600 members of the public in hands-on science.  The development of a national network of Cell EXPLORERS (CE) volunteering teams has been initiated in 2015 and the network will extend to 10 teams delivering science school visits in their community.