Our Projects

We have been involved in a variety of EU and locally funded projects. Click on the project you are interested in to find out more. 


Current Projects

WHOLE: Wellbeing and Healthy Choices for Older Adults and their Carers

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The WHOLE project's main objective is to promote active and healthy ageing through physical and nutritional training for frail seniors and elderly people at home, using as a mean the personalised home care services provided to them by formal and informal carers. 

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This project aims to propagate an education system based on enquiry, experimentation, observation, and reasoning rather than on rote learning and the passing of examinations based on it. We want to popularize this method among a wider audience of educators, students, parents, and scientists; to spread its use to more countries, schools, and teachers; and to expose more children and parents to learning using this methodology. Our objective is based on the belief that this approach to learning is vital in a rapidly changing world and in a Europe that needs to create jobs, innovate, and become more socially and commercially entrepreneurial.

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Childcare 50+

50+ Childcare is an EU funded project that aims to establish a European model for courses training child carers and particularly women aged 50+ as a means of activating employment opportunities for this often underemployed group. A large part of the project will be researching current systems in Ireland for childcare training and trading best practice with other partners within the project consortium. The partners include organisations from Poland, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Hungary and Italy. A large part of the project will be researching current systems in Ireland and trading best practice with other partners within the project consortium. 

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Active I: Healthy, Active Living for Seniors

This project proposes solutions to make seniors aware of healthy living guidelines, to teach them about proper nutrition, to help them to design their own personal healthy living plans and to advise them about safe and effective exercise.

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Activate Inactive

This learning partnership facilitated the exchange of motivational techniques and positive ways of encouragement between trainers working with unemployed people and job market representatives.

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DARE: DAting abuse - raising awareness and education

DARE was developed by ProActivate Ireland to educate young men and women about dating abuse and raise awareness about its impact and prevalence.

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You can also download our Guide to Dating Abuse, Consent, and Digital Harassment here. 

Closer to Nature

This project focuses on learning activities for people ages 50+ in the environmental field. 



This project promoted independent and informal language learning, online learning and online learning resources and strengthened the role of social networks and media in supporting lifelong learning. 


E_Epsol: Education and Employment Pathways for Speakers of Other Languages

In this project, ProActivate acted as an associated partner, disseminating an education and employability programme aimed at minority ethnic groups who are often excluded from the labour market.