Project number: 2015-1-DE02-KA204-002418

Project number: 2015-1-DE02-KA204-002418

WHOLE: Wellbeing and Healthy Choices for Older Adults and their Carers

WHOLE: Wellbeing and Healthy Choices for Older Adults and their Carers is a three-year, EU funded project that began in October 2015 and includes a consortium of experts in the field from Germany, Austria, Israel, Greece, and Bulgaria.

The WHOLE project's main objective is to promote active and healthy ageing through physical and nutritional training for frail seniors and elderly people at home, using as a mean the personalised home care services provided to them by formal and informal carers. At the same time, WHOLE equally emphasises on the effect of physical activity and good nutrition on the wellbeing and relief of formal and informal carers. An important aspect to remember is that WHOLE will allow people to educate themselves about a healthy lifestyle and exercise at home. This is particularly important given our target groups who often are confined to the home, have mobility issues or disabilities, or live in rural or isolated circumstances which would make it difficult for them to avail of external health or exercise programmes.

Outputs and Results

  •   The project will produce a basic e-learning platform for physical exercising and healthy diet at home which will train formal and informal carers on how to use it as an integral part of the home care services they provide. It will be targeted at the prevention of functional decline and frailty among the elderly therefore relieving some of the burden on carers and counteracting the effects of our aging society,
  •   This platfrom will include advice on how to manage common ailments among the older population through good nutrition and exercise,
  •  WHOLE will give the opportunity to formal/informal carers and professionals working with elderly people (physiotherapists, social workers, etc.) to develop new skills, widening the range of services they can offer and upgrading their competences level. Ultimately the aim is to strengthen their role in home care and to contribute to the creation of modern and tailored services,
  • The project aims to build a support network for carers who often suffer from stress and “Burnout Syndrome” as a result of their demanding roles.

Get Involved

In 2017, we will be seeking participants for our pilot programme in which we will train carers to implement our health promotion programme and then monitor an 8 week training programme with groups of care recipients. If you are interested in getting involved, please get in touch. We are also trying to make connections with organisations who work with older people and/or carers who could benefit from the project’s outputs when they have been produced.

Those interested in getting involved with this project should contact the project manager in Ireland, Emma Murtagh:


Phone: 091 566759



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